Automated Parking Solutions

You can double or triple parking capacity using your current volume.

What is Automated Parking?

Automated Parking, also known as Robotic or Automated Vehicle Storage and Retrieval Systems (AVSRS), is the automated storage, or parking, of vehicles with no human intervention.

Automated Parking System virtually eliminates the middle man.

  • Driver maintains possession of their keys and thereby control of their vehicle.
  • Vehicles remain locked at all times while parked.
  • Customer does not have to search through a dimly lit parking garage for their car, providing a safer environment.
  • No need to worry about driver error. (REDUCES INSURANCE PREMIUMS)
  • System provides for a welcoming environment for the driver and their passengers



  • I have recently purchased an car stacker and had it installed in my garage so I can fit more cars in there. The system is easy to use and works great. and what’s more? The service I got from Safeelevator was second to none, their friendly staff were great to deal with and always happy to answer any questions I have.

    William McIntyre
  • We recently bought our daughter her first car, rather than having her park her new car on the street, we have an car stacker installed in our garage so we can fit her car in there as well as ours. Very happy with the system, so easy to use and completely safe, even our daughter can use the system by herself.

    Anthony Chan


Automated parking can meet your parking requirements using only 30% to 50% of your current volume.

Since there is no requirement for ramps, driveways and personnel access to the parking areas, automated parking can typically park twice the number of vehicles in the same space as conventional parking. Or, conversely, park the same number of vehicles in half the space.

Advantages of Automated Parking

  • Double or even triple your parking capacity, increasing your revenue stream.
  • Reduce or eliminate excavation – accelerate completion schedule
  • Reduce your construction costs through less excavation, less materials and accelerated schedule.
  • Reduce your insurance claims / premiums
  • You can reduce the overall parking footprint allowing for additional rentable space.
  • Increase Safety and Security within your parking structure
  • Less CO2 emissions



Developers gain substantial benefits:

Developers often give up revenue generation by having to accommodate traditional parking requirements.

Unitronics Automated Parking Systems Improve the value of your development through:

  • Increase in valuable, rentable space
  • Reduction of development costs
  • Overall reduction on operation costs

Unitronics Automated Parking Systems may reduce the area required for parking by 50% as compared to a conventional ramp-style garage. You can also generate income by parking at least twice as many vehicles in the same space as a conventional garage.

With Unitronics Automated Parking Systems, the Developer has a full range of options to generate additional revenue while also offering additional green spaces and community areas.

Developers’ savings are achieved in a number of ways:

  • Reduced excavation requirements, when going underground.
  • Reduction in schedule = reduced labor costs
  • Reduced footprint to fit same number of cars = reduced material costs
  • Allow for community spaces = increased possibility of approval for project.

Operators can reap the benefits of reduced operational costs:

  • Reduced lighting and ventilation requirements = Energy Cost Savings
  • Elimination of valets parking cars within the garage = Personnel Cost Savings
  • Elimination of people driving within the garage = Insurance Premium Savings
  • Reduction in overall maintenance/repair costs = Maintenance Cost Savings
  • Increase in Useful Life of System = Prolong Replacement Cost

Architects gain design flexibility

  • Reduced footprint allows for use of space for rentable or community areas
  • Facade design can be seamless with the building design.
  • Full design flexibility

Good for the environment

  • Increase Green Spaces
  • Reduce Traffic Congestion and Vehicle Emissions
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

Drivers see the difference

  • Increase personal security
    • Driver waits in controlled waiting area
    • Garage area is fully recorded
  • Virtually eliminate accidents
    • No humans driving or opening doors
  • Improved Driver Satisfaction
  • Luxury Experience

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Safeelevator Automated Parking Solutions

Rotary- Carousel- Parking1

Rotary Parking System

Rotary Parking system can expand parking capacity up to 8 times more on tight and limited space, which are common in urban areas around the world. Read More


Car Stacker

  • Independent parking: Using a pit, rendering each vehicle independently retrievable from other vehicles
  • Dependent parking: Stacking parking systems, where the parking space underneath must always be empty, to lower the platform
  • Numerous variations and designs to meet diverse vehicle and construction requirements, e.g. width, height, length and weight
  • Available with single- and double-platforms
  • For 2 to 3 vehicles stacked vertically Read More
Multi- Parking- System

Multi Parking System

The Multi-Parking system sometimes referred to as Rack and Rail type has been designed to automatically move the vehicles by lift which then transfers it to a waiting cart on one of the multi- levels. The carts then travel horizontally and place the vehicle in its appropriate slot. This system is suitable for middle and large-scale buildings as well as independent public parking garage.Read More 


Speedy Tower Parking

The speedy tower parking system is an individual tower technique that is ideal for parking facilities with relatively smaller areas.The system is ideal for 20 to 50 spaces, 2 to 4 spaces per floor and between 10 to 30 floors.The technique is mainly used with steel structures.Read More 


Lift And Slide Parking

Often nicknamed the puzzle system, this system can have more than two levels of parking. It’s design has a structure that enables use of all parking entrances and exits on ground level. The parking pallet moves left, right, upward, and downward and has always a minimum of one empty slot for movement. Car parker can have multiple levels above, pit style below, or a combination of both.Read More

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Car Stacker


Multi Parking System

Rotary Carousel Parking


Speedy Tower Parking


Lift And Slide Parking