• Tower Parking System

Item : Speedy Tower Parking

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Port : Shanghai, China

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 unit

Supply Ability : 500 units/per Month

Payment Terms : T/T,L/C


About Us

Safeelevator is XIZI-IUK’s core agent for international market. XIZI-IUK ,found in March,2004,is a high-tech enterprise specialized in automated parking system’s research,design,manufacturing,installation,and maintenance.It is the first automated parking systems manufacturer in Zhejiang Province,China.With more than 800 projects and 180,000 parking spaces installed worldwide.

Projects In The World

        Projects In china (Parking Tower)


     Projects In Russia (Lift And Slide Parking)


        Projects In Singapore (Multi Parking System)


        Projects In Vietnam (Car Stacker)

mini car parking

Vertical Lift Parking System

PCS Vertical Lift Parking Equipment is known as parking tower in the parking industry. System combined with elevator and movable comb frame. The elevator lifts the car automatically to the appointed layer and then the sliding comb frame will take over the car in time. Fast exchange action thanks to comb theory technology. Compare to pallet type tower parking, it save half of the time. The continual action controlled by PLC program and covered with multiplex electric protection.


1. Smart control: Light, mechanical, electrical and computer management integration.
2. High density, almost only 1 square meter land to park a car in average.
3. Long tested structure and devices to ensure system runs in best performs.
4. Adopt comb exchange technology to save time in half, the average store/retrieve time is only 60 seconds.
5. No back car required.
6. Security protection: Intelligence Management deduces human operation and multiple detection device ensure human and car safety.
7. 2.8 tons max. load to meet luxury vehicle or SUV.
8. Suitable for high density parking requirement, like office building, hospital.

System Components:

1. Entrance/Exit platform
2. Turntable
3. Lift
4. Movable comb frame
5. Structure
6. Electronic control system
7. Monitor system
8. Computer record and charge system
9. Remote diagnosis system

Other Parking Equipments
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